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Theater Curtain. The Ring of Transformations (English)

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The story of the project and of the processes which lead the children of Diana municipal Preschool to the realization of a new theater curtain for the Ariosto Theater in Reggio Emilia: a huge fresco, a cosmogony where every subject represented is in relation with the others. Beyond the extraordinary theme we try to highlight here the group working dynamics, how the ideas are generated and developed within the group and how adults intervene.


The children have had a taste of the “pleasures of thinking”, the excitement, hard work, and joy of thinking together. They have pursued the beauty of ideas, experienced the difficulties of certain moments and the rigor of decision making. They have been impassioned, amazed at the final result of their own work and have appreciated its beauty. Vea Vecchi



Author: Vea Vecchi
Pages: 132
Language: English
Year edition: 2002
Publisher: Reggio Children Publishing
ISBN: 978-88-87960-29-7
Project graphic designer: Rolando Baldini and Vania Vecchi