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Making Learning Visible. Children as Individual and Group Learners (English)

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From the research carried out in Reggio Emilia with Howard Gardner and Harvard Project Zero along with the teachers and pedagogistas of the Infant-toddler Centres and Preschools of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and with Reggio Children.

A rich interlacement where the theory of hundred languages and the theory of multiple intelligences find an agreement to promote and propose a new school.

Texts, among others, by Howard Gardner, Paola Cagliari, Vea Vecchi, Steve Seidel.



Author: Claudia Giudici, Mara Krechevsky and Carla Rinaldi
Pages: 368
Language: English
Year edition: 2001/2011
Publisher: Reggio Children Publishing
ISBN: 978-88-87960-67-9
Graphic design: Isabella Meninno